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Established in 1976, Taw and Torridge have a long and reputable History in the coaching industry.



On the 4th of March 1976 Taw and Torridge Coaches is formed.


To welcome the start of the 1998 tour season, Taw and Torridge Coaches of North Devon purchases a brand new Neoplan Transliner Coach - This coach has a SwanTours livery, and becomes a dedicated SwanTourer.


Taw and Torridge Coaches celebrates their 25th Anniversary. In recogntion of this, they purchase a brand new Bova Futura, this coach goes on to serve the SwanTours fleet, alongisde its usual duties as a fully executive luxury coach.


Local operator Loverings Coaches of Ilfracombe come onto the market. Taw and Torridge take up the opportunity to purchase the company, and the two merge. Loverings were the providers for Brend Tours, and had a very strong relationship with the Brend Group. This is the foundation of the excellent professional relationship, that SwanTours and Taw and Torridge share with the hotel group today.




Due to retirement, successful Bath based luxury coach Tour operator; SwanTours comes onto the market. Taw and Torridge Coaches of North Devon have shared a strong professional relationship with SwanTours for many years, and the opportunity to purchase the company is too good to miss. Taw and Torridge Coaches purchase the company, relocating the offices to the Taw and Torridge Head Quarters in Merton, Devon.

An extensive fleet overhaul takes place, and Taw and Torridge coaches purchases 2 Volvo 9700 Coaches. At the time these coaches were leading the way in economy, safety and comfort. These serve the SwanTours fleet. Alongisde their SwanTouring, these coaches help to give Taw and Torridge a reputation as a modern operator.






With continued expansion, 3 Brand New Vanhool Coaches alongside 9 Ford Tourneo MPVs. With a 61 Seater dedicated to PGL work, and 2 Fully Executive 57 Seaters Taw and Torridge's ability to meet passenger requirements expands.




A big year for Taw and Torridge Coaches. The old First Bus depot in Coney Avenue, Barnstaple comes onto the market. Its ideal position, as well as state of the art facilities including automated coach wash, allow rapid expansion of the two companies. The yard has capacity for over 50 vehicles, alongisde an 8 Bay workshop, and dedicated steam cleaning bay, this again allows Taw and Torridge to modernise.





Continuing with their extensive fleet overhaul, two Brand New VDL Futura 2s are purchased. A wide aisle, and frequently placed hand rails, coupled with large seats, makes these coaches some of the most accesible and comfortable coaches on the market. These coaches won the 2012 Coach of the Year awards, and are a true statement in comfort, safety and economy.


Four brand new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo Ms are purchased. These coaches are the newest on the market, offering a level of refinement often missed in the coaching industry. A combination of Leather and Fabric Luxline seats, and a wide entrance door, are just two of its industry leading features.


The fleet is updated again, with the purchase of two additional Mercedes-Benz Toursimo Ms, these coaches become SwanTourers. Other updates include the purchase of two 61 seater coaches, and the purchase of two luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.


A milestone year for both Taw and Torridge Coaches and SwanTours - it was Taw and Torridge's 40th Anniversary, celebrating 40 years of going the extra mile for their clients, and 10 years since Taw and Torridge took over SwanTours. In celebration, two brand new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo Ms were purchased demonstrating the company's continued dedication to their clients. These two coaches become SwanTourers again showing Taw and Torridge's ongoing committment to the SwanTourer fleet.


Taw and Torridge also branches out into the Double-Decker side of private hires, by purchasing two Berkhof Axial 100 Double Deckers.


With continued positive reviews from drivers and passengers,  the company purchase a further two brand new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo Ms. Alongside this, massive development has taken place at the Grange Lane Head Offices, Merton. State of the art, large open plan offices, house both the SwanTours and Taw and Torridge team.


Alongside this, delivery of 8 Ford Tourneo Home Collection vehicles was taken.

Taw and Torridge Coaches Ltd.

Inc Loverings Coaches

Grange Lane, Merton



EX20 3ED

Tel: 01805603400 - 01271859533
Registered In England No. 1247327
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